My name is Anastasiya and I’m an artist. My story started since 1987. The first two object which I took, when i was a baby, were the stethoscope and the brushes with the little paint tubes. Well, I guess my inner fight from that beginning  until now is already end!

I choose my field and I think it has many names- art, design, graphics, ads, photography, movies, music, fashion, ..but all together make the Essence of me and it’s called beauty and passion.

I see Art everywhere in everything! From the way we live, to the way we express ourselves through the vocation we have chosen.
I really want to develop in this area, and every initiative in it is a challenge for me.

So, challenge me!

P.S. My favorite words (because I believe that every word has a vibrations with the proper influences):
Love. Life, Nature, Dreams, Consciousness, Education,Health, Purpose, Passion, Responsibility, Respect, Justice, Change, Truth, Courage, Home, Infinity